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The eye-catching aspect of a vintage car

A vintage car’s paintwork is usually the first thing that catches the eye of an onlooker – and we apply the same level of care and quality to the paintwork as we do all the other areas we deal with. In addition to creating a perfect paint surface, the paint structure is also highly significant. We attach a great deal of importance to paint that protects the metal body from corrosion for many years to come and that is still thin enough to prevent the individual layers of paint from subsequently settling. We achieve this by giving the individual layers plenty of time to harden completely when building up the paint structure.

To begin with, we always apply a high-quality two-component epoxy primer, which – in addition to a galvanised body – provides the best corrosion protection. We do away with putty almost entirely, because we smooth out the body before and during the repair. Instead, we try to create an absolutely smooth surface by applying and sanding acrylic primer several times. We then generally apply a two-layer top coat with a base coat and clear coat, since this is higher-quality and more UV-resistant than a simple two-component paint.

Finally, if the customer has requested that we do so, we give the clear coat a mirror finish in a multi-stage sanding and polishing process.
All the awards we have received in recognition of our beautiful restored vehicles at vintage car events show us that going to all this effort is definitely worth it.

Perfect body painting with the highest quality materials

Painting all components and assemblies

Creating a mirror finish by applying a multi-stage sanding and polishing process

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