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We can rebuild anything

We make individual components for every type of vintage car. And it doesn’t matter if you’re needing a fuel tank, a wheel cover for an American road cruiser, a perfect replica of an air filter integrated in a Mercedes Benz classic or simply a specifically shaped sheet metal part that we reproduce after being shown an original part. During elaborate full restorations, parts that are defective in or missing from the original can often no longer be procured. We can make almost anything in this situation too, whether you’re after an aluminium fuel pump housing, various special seals and rubber covers, hinges, door handles, cranks and brass or steel fittings that have been reworked and chrome-plated to create an exact replica of the original part.

All you have to do is come to us with you problem. It’s all the same to us if it’s big or small. We’d be delighted to help you so you can continue having fun with your vintage car hobby without a care in the world.

Reproducing steel and aluminium bodies and assemblies

Reproducing original parts

Reproducing small parts from an extremely wide range of materials

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