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Body construction
Our core competence

Body construction is our company’s core competence. We can bring steel, aluminium, brass and other metals into any required shape, using the tools needed to form metal sheets to do so.

And that’s whether you’re needing a sheet metal repaired on a vintage car younger than 30 years old to obtain another licence plate or sheet metal parts from pre-war bodywork that have been consumed by rust in recent years reproduced. During both processes, we proceed with the utmost care and in line with the highest quality standards.

We believe that the highest quality standards are all about reproducing the corresponding part to be an exact replica of the original. The affected area is cut out to suit the new part and welded in without any additives using the TIG welding method. The welded area is smoothed by hand using a hammer and hand iron until there are no more waves, dents or depressions visible in the surrounding material.

Then, the surface is removed with a body file to detect and flatten out even the finest irregularities. The advantage of this is that filler (such as putty or polyester filler) is usually no longer required in the subsequent paint build-up.

Producing steel and aluminium bodies and assemblies

Repairing and restoring self-supporting bodies

Restoring or creating complete new builds for replicas

Special features of our body construction activities

We attach a great deal of importance to rust prevention, paying particular attention to it when joining several layers of sheet steel and for reverse sides that are difficult to access later on, such as the insides of side sills or seat cross members. To prevent rust build-up, we treat them beforehand with welding primer and epoxy primer.

The vehicles’ history is very important to us. We bring the vehicles back into their factory condition while carrying out restorations. When it comes to preserving the vehicles’ history, we believe that even the smallest details are important, which is why we don’t use screws with cross-slot heads in vehicles from the first half of the last century. To maintain the originality of the vehicles, we naturally always make sure that we use right materials.

Another characteristic that sets Bachmann Oldtimerrestauration apart is its production of new pre-war bodies in sheet steel or aluminium. This service is ideal if original bodies have been completely or if reproductions are required, and we can reproduce parts right down to the smallest detail. In this situation, we’re often only provided with a few old photographic records of the vintage cars or the vintage car parts, which we can then analyse and use to recreate components that are accurate in every detail.

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