Lancia Astura Pininfarina Cabriolet
Serie 4. 1937

Description of the vehicle

This Lancia Astura is an extremely elegant four-seater convertible built by the Italian design legend Pinin Farina 4 Series version.  The last series came to us in good condition at first glance. There were next to no incorrect parts and the engine was still running well too. While conducting an inventory and subsequently dismantling the vehicle into its individual parts, it became clear that the wooden frame (which determines the body’s line and position), had been badly affected and was the greatest challenge.

At the owner’s request, the vehicle was reconstructed to the delivery condition with as many original parts or replicas as possible – all the while taking the history into account. Since it was still in good condition, the leather interior was retained, for example, so only needed to be cleaned and maintained. We also didn’t overhaul the smooth-running engine from scratch. Instead, after precisely examining all the values and tolerances, we only restored the engine’s appearance to the original state. Only the carburettor and all of the auxiliary units were overhauled.

Once the restoration work was complete, the vehicle was painted in fish silver / metallic blue and brought to a high-gloss finish following the obligatory sanding and polishing work.

In this version, with its electric soft top and elegant lines, this car is a glorious highlight in the owner’s large collection. What’s more, it’s even received four “Best in Show” prizes, won first place in the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este competition at Lake Como, and been awarded countless top positions in individual categories at vintage car competitions held throughout Europe.

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