Mercedes Benz
300 SL

Description of the vehicle

Mercedes Benz 300 SL Roadster

The problem here was an old accident and poor attempts at repair in the past. There were also many small to large rusted-through pockets on the body. The only work that needed carried out was consistent construction (particularly from the A-pillar to the front), reproduction of the metal sheets both inside the engine compartment and the inner fenders, and reproduction of the outer sheeting on the grill mask (which was one of the few parts still available to buy in good quality) and fenders. Countless parts in the sill area to the rear needed to be replaced or repaired and fitted back into the body structure. In the end, any dents and bumps in the body’s surface had to be removed using an anvil dolly and hammer. Additionally, the aluminium hoods and doors needed adjusting with a consistent gap along the entire vehicle.

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