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The beating heart of a vintage car

When it comes to professionally restoring your vintage car, we also offer complete repair of all the mechanical and electronic components. This service includes the axles, steering system and convertible top mechanics for the engine, transmission and drive train, plus all the engine assemblies, display instruments, door and mechanical parts as well as all the trim and decorative parts on the vehicle. We take a very thorough approach to cleaning, dismantling all the assemblies if necessary and cleaning the parts with sand jets, dry ice jets or in an ultrasonic bath. Next, everything is examined for defects and repaired; screws and small parts are electrogalvanised, nickel-plated and chrome-plated.

We give the housing parts or axle beams a three-coat paint finish in the original colouring.
The bearings are replaced by new parts and seals, and rubber moulded parts are reproduced or newly made through recasting with industrial two-component plastics.

Often, we have to contend with the challenge of missing or incorrect components during restoration. This is precisely why we research the history of each and every vehicle before and during the restoration process – so we can find out exactly what condition the vehicle would have been delivered in and restore it to its original state. For this purpose, we try to procure the missing original parts at various vintage car markets and from suitable dealers. If we can’t find them, we can also reproduce the missing parts using special methods. To reproduce metal, for example, we use the investment casting or modern SLM (selective laser melting) methods, relying on maximum quality and precision while doing so.

Completely repairing all mechanical parts

Completely repairing the entire electronics

Overhauling mechanical parts such as axles, chassis and engines

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